About SFAC

The Sitka Fine Arts Camp, Alaska’s only residential multidisciplinary arts camp, calls the state’s fifth largest community “home.” In this bustling city of 8,800 nestled between the northern Pacific and snowcapped peaks, grizzly bears outnumber people.

For 32 summers, Alaska’s fine arts camp has provided children with artistic opportunities they may not otherwise have because of their geographical isolation. Alaska is one-fifth the size of the continental United States yet home to only 625,000 people, slightly more than the population of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Forty percent of those people live in Anchorage alone. A significant number of our campers come from villages of fewer than 2,000 people, and some come to Sitka from places as far as Barrow, the northernmost community in the country and over 1,300 air miles away.

Through more than sixty classes in music, theater, dance, writing, visual art, and Alaskan native art and daily performances, our nationally-recognized faculty encourage students to explore, unearth, and engage in art that transforms and transports because, as our 2007 camp t-shirt and theme proclaim, “Art is not for chickens.”


2 responses to “About SFAC

  1. My daughter attended camp this past summer for the first time and had a fabulous experience, meeting other musicians and artists from around the State and the world. Her goal is to go back to Sitka for a full month next summer. We highly recommend Fine Arts Camp to new campers.
    Thanks, Lance

  2. SFAC rox so much!!! I can’t wait to go back!!!! 😀

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