Middle School Final Performances


Photo by Margo Roseum

Sitka Fine Arts Camp is proud to feature the students of the middle school session as they present their work in the 2013 Final Performances and Exhibition. Music, theater, dance and circus arts performances take place at the Sitka Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (June 26-28) starting at 7:00 pm. Visual Arts students exhibit their work at the annual Art Show in the Yaw Arts Center and writers and chamber music groups present their work in Rasmuson on Friday, June 28th from 1:00 pm—4:00 pm. We also invite everyone to the Odess Theater in Allen Hall on Friday night starting at 10:00 pm for a high energy, once-in-a-lifetime performance from our rock band and advanced rock band members.


Photo by Margo Roseum

All performances and the art exhibition are free-of-charge. Donations however are graciously accepted at evening performance and also in the Rasmuson lobby during the Friday ArtShow.

Parking for the Sheldon Jackson Campus is available at the Hames Center.

The Sheldon Jackson Campus is located at 801 Lincoln Street, a short distance from downtown Sitka.  The Sitka Performing Arts Center is located at the Sitka High School,  1000 Lake Street.

See a full-schedule below:

 Middle School Final Performance Schedule

Wednesday June 26th, 7pm at the Sitka Performing Arts Center


Percussion Masterclass

Puppets on the Move

Creating Theater

Sonic Boom

Thursday June 27th, 7pm at the Sitka Performing Arts Center

African Dance & Drumming

Theater: The Play

Partner Acrobatics

Mask Theater Performance


Modern Dance

Musical Theater Workshop

Friday June 28th, 1pm-4pm on the Sheldon Jackson Campus

Visual Art Show in Yaw Arts Center (1pm-4pm)

Acting Medley (2pm-2:45pm in the Chapel)

Puppet Medley (2:50pm-3pm in the Chapel)

Vocal Solo (3pm-3:45pm in the Chapel)

Piano Masterclass (3:45pm-4pm in the Chapel)

String Ensembles (2pm-2:30pm in Rasmuson 101)

Brass Ensembles (2:35pm-2:50pm in Rasmuson 101)

Wind Ensembles (2:50pm-3:10pm in Rasmuson 101)

Jazz Combos (3:15pm-4pm in Rasmuson 101)

Writing Class Readings (2pm-3pm in the Smoke Stack)

Songwriting (3pm-4pm in the Smoke Stack)

Friday June 28th, 7pm at the Sitka Performing Arts Center

Jazz Band

A Capella


Chamber Orchestra


Clown Theater

Concert Band

Friday June 28th, 10pm in the Odess Theater at Allen Hall

Rock Band

Sitka Performing Arts Center: 1000 Lake Street • Sitka, AK 99835

Odess Theater at Allen Hall: 801 Lincoln St  • Sitka, AK 99835

**The Final Performance Schedule is subject to change**

*Please call 907-747-3085 for more information

PO Box 3086, Sitka, AK 99835

907.747. 3085



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