Sitka Fine Arts Camp Receives $150,000 Gift, Donor Challenge


Sitka Fine Arts Camp has received a $150,000 donation towards the restoration of its historic campus on the former site of Sheldon Jackson College. In honor of the Fine Arts Camp’s 40th year, the same anonymous donor has pledged to match every dollar donated to the Camp during the summer of 2013, up to $100,000.

The Fine Arts Camp, which offers elementary, middle school, high school, and adult arts programs, enrolls nearly 700 students every summer to explore courses in visual arts, dance, music, theater, creative writing, and Alaska Native arts. In addition to offering unique creative opportunities to Alaskan students from Barrow to Ketchikan, the Camp’s nationally recognized programs have drawn attendees from as far away as China and over 50 professional instructors from across the United States.

Through the summer Matching Challenge, the Camp hopes to raise funds to continue its restoration of the historic buildings of the Sheldon Jackson College campus, which were built in 1911 and donated to the Camp after standing boarded up for several years following the College’s closure in 2007. In addition to supporting the renovation of the Sheldon Jackson campus, which is a registered National Landmark, donations to the Camp also enable it to provide over $50,000 in camp scholarships every year. The mission of the Camp, as described by its parent organization Alaska Arts Southeast, is “to build community in Alaska by providing opportunities in arts, culture and recreation in an inclusive, educational and inspirational environment.”

You can help the Sitka Fine Arts Camp reach its goal by visiting our website.


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