Seussical the Musical!

seussicalToday we have a guest blog from our Theater Director, WT McRae, about his decision to put on Seussical the Musical this summer during the Musical Theater Camp. If you are interested in signing up for the camp please visit our website or give us a call at 907-747-3085. 

It’s going to be a very exciting second summer for the Musical Theater Program. I have spent a long time speaking with the whole musical theater team to select a show. The show is Seussical Book by Lynn Ahrens, and Music By Steven Flaherty. I am so excited for us to get started with this show for a number of reasons:
The music and book by Ahrens and Flaherty have taken the books of Dr. Seuss and made something complex, challenging, and really fun. The show is almost completely sung through, and the music covers many styles and flavors. Each song serves the story, and requires the marriage of great singing and great story-telling. The show features some sweet ballads I can’t stop singing like “Alone in The Universe”, and “Notice Me Horton”, but there are raucous, complicated full company numbers like “Biggest Blame Fool”, and “Notice Me Horton”. Then the character sounds range from the John Phillips Soussa style march “The Military” to the Calypso/ Latin rhythm of “Amayzing Mayzie”. This last number will remind you of Once on This Island, one of the other great musicals written by Ahrens and Flaherty, as is Ragtime!
There are so many characters in this show, and each of them gets a moment on stage that could steal the show. Horton, Gertrude, and JoJo are sweet lovable characters that make you feel sympathetic and human, but they travel in an amazing world filled with bright comedic characters like The Cat in The Hat, Sour Kangaroo, General Ghenghis Kahn Shmitz, and Yertle The Turtle. Each and every role will require strong physicality and rich vibrant character creation. I believe it will be an opportunity for each of the students to dive into acting style and character creation in a very fulfilling way. Whether you are strong at making creative character voices and caricatures, or simple honest storytelling- your talents will be used and pushed to the next level.
I could give you a million more reasons why this is my new favorite show, but the only one that matters- is that we get to do it together. I look forward to seeing all of the participants this summer, and tackling this project with the same success and enthusiasm as last year.
WT McRae
Director of Theater

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