Bye Bye Birdie

Believe it or not, opening night for Bye Bye Birdie is already upon us!

Musical Theater Camp has been an incredible thing to behold. This group of 25 campers has wowed us with their incredible hard work and dedication. From day one, the campers have worked tirelessly to prepare a full production of Bye Bye Birdie in just two weeks. You will be stunned and delighted when you see their final product.

For some insider information about the Musical Theater camp listen to this morning interview with faculty members Andrew Hames (Music Director and Orchestra Conductor), Susan Wingrove (Pianist) and Ed Littlefield (Instrumental Music Director) as well as campers Bed Gordon (who plays Hugo Peabody) and Gavin Struempler (who plays Albert Peterson):

Bye Bye Birdie Radio Interview

Also, check out these awesome pictures by Musical Theater Camp Counselor Berett Wilber:







Don’t miss this spectacular production: Friday July 27th at 7pm and Saturday July 28 at 2pm AND 7pm. Buy your tickets at Old Harbor Books.


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  1. That is one good lookin’ auditorium!

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