Wrapping Up Middle School and Right on to High School

High School Camp is off to a great start! The sun is out today and we have campers prowling about campus trying to soak up as much vitamin D as possible before we return to our regularly schedule programming of rain, rain, rain.

Before we move on completely, however, I wanted to share some exciting photos and videos from our Middle School Camp, which just finished on Friday:

Campers enjoying a sunny day by playing the cello outside

Campers in the writing and painting class take advantage of a sunny day on the lawn

Faculty member Paul Cox teaches campers in the Percussion Masterclass

The clowning performance during Final Performances

The Partner Acrobatics class during Final Performances (photo by Berett Wilber)

We also have some great videos from our Final Performances. These videos feature selections from the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening performances as well as the daytime Friday art show/performances. To order a complete, high-quality video of the Final Performances, please call the Sitka Fine Arts Camp Office at 907-747-3085.



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