First Few Days of Middle School

Happy Tuesday Evening! Today has been a busy one, and I’m finally getting a chance to sit down now and let you all know about the awesome few days we’ve had at camp!

Our campers were also really impressed with last night’s Art Share! It was a night of firsts: our first faculty showcase; some student’s first time seeing their teachers perform; and our first Art Share in Allen Hall, home of our newly renovated auditorium! Our house band, staring Kyle Athayde, Bob Athayde and Ed Littlefield, kicked off the show with a rendition of Bye Bye Blackbird. They were followed by numerous members of our faculty including: camp director Roger Schmitt; Okaidja Afroso, our African Drumming and Dancing teacher; actor and teacher Thor Hillhouse; and Amanda Crockett, our returning teacher of Clowing, Juggling and Acrobatics. Kyle Athayde took the stage again towards the end of the show with a mixed performance of trumpet and beat boxing.

Our first rec time activities have been great. We’ve had students playing Mafia in the gazebo, singing a cappella music in the chapel, playing soccer and, to our surprise, reading and drawing quietly in the library! After a day of classes, rec time seems to be giving a lot of campers a chance to relax a bit and have more fun before dinner.

Tonight’s Art Share was really exciting for our counseling staff. This was our opportunity to show students our art and let them learn a little bit more about us. Tiffany Creed and Dawson Walker, two of our wonderful counselors, hosted this evening’s performance which started out with a fashion show. Our counseling staff spent numerous hours preparing for this show. Our goal: show the students everything they could buy at the campus store when it opens tomorrow. I would say our show was pretty successful. After a day of practicing our walk, we strutted our stuff down the ‘runway’ to ample cheers from the audience.

Our fashion show was followed by an a cappella group performing Now is the Month of Maying and then a group of counselors doing improv which definitely got our campers laughing. Next we had Hannah Hutton and Sean Beckett with some spoken word and finally our counselor jazz ensemble. It was a really fun evening for everyone.

Tomorrow’s Art Share will be at 7:00 in the Allen auditorium and it will feature performances by our music faculty. Thursday’s Art Share will be at the same time, same place, and feature work by our visual art faculty.

We are almost half way done with our first week! The days seem to fly by so quickly, and it’s been great to see students blossom in just a few days.

– Caite

p.s. – I would just like to give a shout out to our kitchen staff. The last few days have been awesome.


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