100 Volunteer Day

Where we started. Yaw Building, 2011

Hello, Happy Campers!

Every single Saturday since we were given this wonderful campus we have hosted volunteer work parties. In the past 15 months we have had over 500 people put in 23,640 hours. They have contributed their time and talent to transform the 20 acres and 20 buildings that the Sheldon Jackson board entrusted to the Sitka Fine Arts Camp into a living, breathing masterpiece. These folks, together with a tiny (albeit mighty) staff, have worked tirelessly to wake up and shake up the one hundred year old buildings that were boarded up and wasting away. For their effort each worker has gotten a sense of ownership, pride in their accomplishment, and a stronger feeling of community than anyone could have imagined. They also got a free lunch.



We will be holding our Second Annual 100 Volunteer Day on Saturday, May 5. It will be the final big push to ready the campus for this summer’s programs.

100 Volunteer Day 2011. Cleaning up.

Come join us for an awe-inspiring day, or come for just an hour. We will meet at 9:00 am at Sweetland Hall.







There will be projects for all ages, stages and skill levels.

100 Volunteer Day 2011. Pulling Alders.

Roger and Mary Hames of Sea Mart Grocery will be serving hot dogs and chili for lunch, and volunteers are bringing desserts and salads.

100 Volunteer Day 2011. Roger and Mary Hames make lunch.

Join with your friends and neighbors to work, laugh and eat.





Join with your community to make history, save history, and build a future.

Come see the difference a day can make.  See you there!!