Class Schedules Are Out!

Hello Happy Campers,

Yesterday I got e-mails from 4 friends who were so excited to receive their class schedules for this summer. One young woman will be trying out Guitar Knuckle Busters, Improv, Rock Band, Athabaskan Beading and  Wheel Thrown Pottery. Another will take classes in Writing: Image and Anecdote,   Ceramics, Juggling,  the popular found object percussion class Sonic Boom, and Composition, Sound, & Technology.Someone else wrote that they are taking Chamber Orchestra, Ballett, Animation and Acrobatics. Every one of them was excited to be adding something they had never tried before to the classes that they already know and love.

I think that is a huge part of what makes SFAC so special. We all grow our art by growing as artists. At camp we let our art take off its shoes and wiggle its toes in possibility.

We spend time stretching our minds as well as our bodies. Camp lets art go barefoot.

So start getting ready to for summer. The grass is waiting.

Speaking of grass, I got a note from a friend the other day who asked if we would mind if she did a little weeding on campus. She was walking through and noticed that we had lots of need in that area. She said that she was hoping to adopt a garden bed to take care of through the season. What wonderful offer. It got us thinking that there might be other folks around who might like putting their green thumbs to work for our community. Our campus is used as a park for many Sitkans, so the results will bring joy to many, many people. There are lots of gardens that could use a little TLC. If this sounds like something you would like to help with, please call our the office : 747-3085

This Week:

We are in the second wave of ArtSpace, our after school art classes

We will be taking applications for Musical Theater Camp (July 16-29) through May 1st

Work Party Saturday, 9:00 am, meet at Allen Auditorium. Lunch provided

Next Week:

100 Volunteer Day, May 5

The story I want to share today was sent by our dear friend Christian Fabian. Christian has been teaching at camp for 5 years. Even though he is not in Sitka year round, I think he has come to feel that it is  home, and I know that we have come to feel that he is family. Please enjoy Christian’s thoughts on the magic of Sitka Fine Arts Camp.


What is really heart warming about the SFAC is that the friendships I have built with some of the students are going way beyond what I have ever imagined happening in Alaska of all

Christian is a bass player for the Lionel Hampton Big Band and was born in Sweden and raised in Germany. He has been teaching at SFAC for 5 years.

places. I’m still in touch with students from my first year at camp which was 2007. They moved on  to college and are in the midst of it. Some asked and still ask my advice to guide them along to find their life’s path in music.There are happy moments and there are desperate moments, and I enjoy responding to all of them. It is a deeper mentorship than usually happens for me when I have students for a time span of several years on a weekly basis. It shows me that the time of the camp, which is 2 weeks, is essential, ground breaking and life changing for students AND teachers. What is happening at the SFAC can be easily explained but also leaves me with some kind of mystery. One thing is for sure: You will never know what the next year will bring in detail but whatever happened the year before makes the anticipation high to come back, and something to think about for the rest of the year we are not there. To keep it simple: It’s MAGIC ! and there will always be MORE magic and we all contribute to it, no matter if you are a volunteer, teacher, student, cook, parent, driver, counselor, artist, you name it. The presence and energy of every soul builds something which is so much bigger then any individual could ever imagine…


2 responses to “Class Schedules Are Out!

  1. It IS magic! There is a special feeling I get-only during camp- too. Thanks Christian!

  2. Hi Cassi, Thank YOU…see you soon,Christian

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