Count Down To Camp – 59 days

Hello, Happy Campers!

What a great week! Wednesday’s performances by Thodos of Chicago were over the top fantastic! The professional company performed for local schools during the day and had a packed house show in the evening, followed by a 20 minute question and answer period or “curtain talk”. It was a day filled with beauty, grace and inspiration. What incredible artists and athletes! Many thanks to everyone who made this special event possible.

We all have Spring Fever right now and we are counting down the days until camp begins, starting with Elementary School Camp on June 9th. With less than 60 days to go, it is really starting to feel like summer is coming. And even though we still have a little while to go, there is a lot to do to keep folks busy in the mean time:

ARTSPACES- Afternoon art classes for kids are continuing through May10, with classes in drawing, writing, printmaking, oil pastels, theater and painting

100 VOLUNTEER DAY- May 5th will be our 2nd annual BIG volunteer day. Come on out to help get the campus in shape for all the fun activities summer will bring. Bring the family, and please plan on joining us for a chili and hot dog lunch provided by Mary and Roger Hames of Sea Mart!

SAVE THE CAMPUS VIRAL VIDEO LAUNCH – May 9th, 2:00 pm, bringing national attention to the campus revitalization.

BARNRAISING CELEBRATION – Grand re-opening of Allen Hall,  May 27th

ADULT FINE ARTS CAMP – Not just for kids anymore!  June 11-15th, 2012

SATURDAY WORK PARTIES –  Help us with projects all over campus every Saturday until June. Work begins at 9:00a.m. Lunch is provided.

I will keep you posted with more news as the days get longer and things start to bloom. Meanwhile, I have another story to share. This one is from our fearless leader. I bet some of you didn’t realize that Roger was a camper once upon a time. Thanks to Roger for sharing this. And thanks to his mom, Linda Schmidt, for the pictures.

Memories of Camp:
I went to the camp for several years. My first memory is that I was going to get to do something my sister got to do which made me feel kind of grown up.  The next memory was making a rhinoceros in clay class and just thinking the world of it.  I was very proud and excited.  I gave it to my mother as a present and she still has it on her dresser.  I remember with awe the feeling of getting to play in a jazz band for the first time and playing in a concert band with much better musicians than I thought I was.  Roy McPherson was the teacher. He was extraordinary and changed my life.  He gave me individual trombone lessons during lunch time.  One of my early years at camp, I played so much that I remember my front teeth got loose.  As I got older, and continued attending camp, the  social experience grew in importance.   I remember the feeling of hardly being able to wait for the camp because it was going to be so fun to spend time with great friends.   I  loved music just as much, but now, I was also loving playing our version of tackle football on the front lawn, playing pool, or going to the dances.

Roger Schmidt, Executive Director, Alaska Arts Southeast and Sitka Fine Arts Camp


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