What’s Your Story? Dance, Dance, Dance!

Hello, Happy Campers! We have a great week coming up!

Sitka Fine Arts Camp is proud to present Thodos Dance Chicago:

Energetic contemporary dance limited only by gravity This performance promises to be breathtakingly athletic, powerfully beautiful and bursting with vibrant choreography. Don’t miss this premier event on Wednesday, April 11th, 7pm at the Sitka Performing Arts Center. Young and old will be delighted.

Tickets are on sale at Old Harbor Books. $15 for students and seniors, $20 for adults.

And speaking of dance, let me share this story that was recently sent in.

When I was 14 years old, my parents insisted I attend Interlochen Summer Arts Camp. This was a big deal! My parents did not have a lot of money, we lived in a small town of 2000 people, but they felt it was very important that I attend. It cost $1000.00 for me to go in 1971. That was a huge amount of money at that time. I went as a dance major and lived in a cabin with art students from all over the world! I was exposed to people, arts, cultures and ideas that were very foreign to my life at the age of 14. In my cabin of 12 there was an Opera singer from California, a violin student from Japan, a Bassoon player from Texas, an actress from Florida to name a few. I had a wonderful first summer, and to my total surprise, won a Dance Scholarship to return the next summer, which I did!

To think that I have the opportunity to help grow the Sitka Fine Arts Camp into something like Interlochen is beyond my wildest dreams. Sitka Fine Arts Camp is in the perfect location, with the perfect setting and the most wonderful people I have ever met and been involved with. My hope and dream is that Sitka Fine Arts Camp will continue to grow and prosper, and entice people from all over the world to come to Sitka to attend camp, and possibly one day attend a permanent academy, similar to what is available at Interlochen.

We are at a fork in the road, and the road I want to travel is the one that is filled with music, dance and singing! I did not become a professional dancer, or musician, but to this day I love to dance, play various musical instruments and sing. I am involved with many various artistic groups, and this fulfills my life. This makes me who I am, physically and spiritually. Recent studies indicate that those who live the longest, happiest lives have the following three things in common: They go camping, they like to sing or play music, and they dance. Sitka is the perfect place for this to happen for our children and grandchildren.

Kristine Fulton, SFAC Board of Directors


Many thanks to Kris for all of her work on the behalf of camp and this community!

Don’t forget Thodos on Wednesday. You can follow this link to see more about them.


Keep your eyes peeled for information being released soon regarding Adult Fine Arts Camp!!

Have a great week, and keep on dancing!


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