Drawing Games

Excerpts from surrealist-type drawing games played during free time

Picture Telephone: One person draws an image, the next person writes a sentence or two about it, then folds the paper over. The third person draws a picture based on the sentences without seeing the original image. This pattern can be repeated indefinitely!

Blithe and Curmudgeon, the two-headed snake twins, desired lunch. A feast of cow heads was to be had! But where…?

From the map of campus emerged two hungry man worms with forked tongues, thinking eagerly of cow tea, cow-burgers and cow salad.

Exquisite Corpse: One person draws the head of a beast then folds the paper over, leaving only a few lines for the next person to draw the torso of the beast. The third person draws the legs, then unravels the collaboratively created image.


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