Counselor Bios

Counseling Staff 2011

Note: Each bio was written by another counselor for the counselor in question-we seem to like each other. Photos courtesy of Kirsten.


Brendan Ternus, a self-proclaimed enigma, hails from Maine and is a rising senior at Yale University where he majors in American Studies. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, taking pictures and thinking about dogs. Mr. Ternus is a man of efficiency and thus kills three birds with one stone in his free time (a metaphor which ironically he finds to be distasteful as he is a great lover of nature, having led freshman backpacking trips at Yale [i.e. FOOT]). Mr. Ternus can whistle in three different ways. “Joy” is the quality he deems most important in a significant other. He also bears an uncanny resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio. In short, Mr. Ternus is a warm-hearted and trustworthy mentor, a gentle man with firm convictions (despite being a direct descendant of Aeneas’ arch-rival).


As Esther Hyun sauntered onto stage and planted herself in front of keyboard and microphone, the campers at Sitka Fine Arts Camp broke into wild applause.  The absolute confidence she showed while announcing the title of her song served as proof that Esther believes her art is worth sharing.  While I sat with her in the lobby of Sweetland she explained the life philosophy which allows for such confidence. “You know how people say, ‘Sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching, and love like you’ve never been hurt?’ Well, I disagree.  You should sing like everyone’s listening, dance like everyone is watching, and love knowing you might be hurt again.”  Esther passionately believes that when one has something amazing to share with the world, whether it be song, dance, or simply love for others, they should absolutely share it.  There is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed about our contributions to the world.  We should share and share freely.  This belief is apparent in Esther’s work as a camp counselor.  While at SFAC, Esther has started and led an acapella group which has been attended by large groups of campers and which performed at the camper talent show.  Back at Yale, where Esther is currently a senior, she leads and performs in two acapella groups.  Although Esther shows extraordinary musical talent, at Yale she studies literature.  Though it’s difficult for her to choose one genre of literature she loves, she plans to focus on Korean literature.  Other hobbies include dancing, computer games, eating, wheel throwing (newly discovered at SFAC!!!), and comedic blogging.  As one might guess from her many talents and her infectious positivity, Esther serves as a fine role model for the young artists at this camp.  I am certain many campers will come away from this experience remembering Esther, her talents, and the confidence she gave them in sharing their own.

Kyle Ohio

Kyle Ohio Baker, a guitar performance major at Denison University, is in his second year as being a counselor at Sitka Fine Arts Camp. Kyle Ohio discovered SFAC through is family who lives on the SJ Campus. Kyle Ohio’s hobbies include playing the guitar at school, jamming out with Hank Moore on the git-tar, and soloin’ on the gee-tar. When not playing the guitar he enjoys broadening his music horizons, reading sci-fi and practicing his silent sneaking techniques. Kyle Ohio would like to retire as a world-traveling ice cream connoisseur, who plays his guitar in trade for the ice cream. If he had to choose a favorite flavor of the icy dessert, Kyle Ohio said that anything with chocolate and peanut butter was good.

Five Fun Facts about Kyle Ohio:

1. He’s a hike ‘n’  biker, or a bike ‘n’ hiker

2. Favorite cartoon show: Dexter’s Lab

3. Favorite TV Show: Psych

4. Read the entire Calvin & Hobbes Series in one summer

5. Kryptonite: Puppies (aka small adorable dogs)


Rhiannon Guevin

R elishes in the thrill of performance and loves sharing her art form with large groups, as it allows her to communicate her passion for music while affecting the audience in a profoundly different way than speaking would.

H as a beautiful voice and majors in vocal performance at the University of Puget Sound with a focus on opera and classical music. We’ll see her at the Met soon!

I  s a dinosaur and cat lover.

A  lso vegan.

N o big deal. She’s traveling to China after fine arts camp to be the Queen of the Night in Mozart’s Magic Flute. (Misun’s face- Excitement and Freaking out!!!)

N on-voice favorite instrument: The cello! Fun fact!
O nly girl and the youngest of four in her family.

N avigates through life with poise filled with smiles and laughter! Her ultimate goal is to be happy. A noble goal indeed.

So what have we learned from this bio? Rhiannon is da bomb. To be more specific, the most beautifully melodic non-violent bomb ever.


Dylan Welch , a native of the San Francisco bay area and a graduate of Carleton college, has never experienced “winter.” Her passions include fauna, ferns, and fjords.  Though she be an outdoor-connoisseur, her knowledge extends far beyond the highest mountains and onto the dance floor. In her spare time, she enjoys driving stick in New Zealand and over potholes in Russia.  An apparent world travelor, Dylan hopes one day to attain resident artist in a national park.  This is a goal she will no doubt acheive–Dylan Welch is an artist.

More bios to come soon!


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