Meet Jennifer

Welcome to the first of many upcoming counselor bios. First up, here’s Jennifer…

Dear Milton,

I am writing you this letter from Alaska! Alaska may be hard for you to visualize for several reasons, chief among them being:

Alaska is pretty far from Madison, WI.

Its distinctive landscape, flora and fauna make it unlike anywhere else on earth

You are a cat.

That said, I wanted to paint some kind of picture for you, because you’re the smartest orange and white tabby in the Midwest. This camp is cool! I like it a lot. My best friend Hannah Edlen told me about it and now I am here. Anyway, today was an interesting day at camp. Someone asked all the counselors to write a bio for someone else on staff and advised us to make them “creative, fun, and positive!” The guy who interviewed for my bio me asked all kinds of questions. The first were about, like, how I’m from Skokie IL and about how I majored in collaborative piano (which is like accompaniment, as I’m sure you know, Milton). But then things got more specific. If I were Voldemort, what would my horcrux be? OK, that one was more of a no-brainer, because of that locket I’ve got with my grandparents’ picture inside. But how about: what movie would I love to star in? As much as I know that your favorite Disney movie is Aristocats, Milton, I went with Beauty and the Beast. Can you blame me? I had to think long and hard about the next question: if I could be the accompanist anyone living or dead, musician or not, who would it be? After much deliberation, I settled on John Keats. I hope you’d approve.

Anyway, Milton, gotta get back to my counselor duties! I’ve been pretty busy since I got here, supervising kids, planning awesome scavenger hunts, and rocking out on the piano in a couple of the nightly “artshare” shows they’ve got here. My schedule is stacked! I hope you’re doing well, buddy.


Jennifer Lynn Hedstrom, esq.


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