Today is the Day!


After a several year hiatus, the fine arts camp blog is coming back at ya’ straight from beautiful Sitka!

Yesterday, SFAC faculty, counselors and volunteers welcomed over 250 middle school students (the biggest group ever!) to camp.  Students played circle games, toured the new campus, met their talented counselors enjoyed fine fare and settled into their new home.

At the first of our nightly Artshares, year-round staff members Roger, Kenley and Cassie introduced this year’s impressive group of artist-teachers. Counselors put on a Toni-worthy performance, as skillfully acted as it was informative about camp policies and rules. As per these rules, cell phones were exclusively used during designated times and lights went out promptly at 10 pm, and not a peep was heard until 6:30 this morning when this exciting day began.

The Artshares continue tonight with a faculty showcase-free and open to the public.

An impromptu ensemble gathered in the gazebo on arrival day

Check back for close-to-daily updates!


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