Meet Alex da Silva

Meet Alex da Silva, who will teach our video documentary classes this summer. If you were at the high school camp last year, you’ll remember the film “Paper or Plastic,” scored by our own Marco D’Ambrosio. That film was Alex’s latest project!


Alex da Silva was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. After spending a few years in Europe he went back to Brazil where he received his B.A. in communication and a master’s degree in film. He has been working in the film industry since 1989 as a producer, cinematographer and director in commercials and non-commercial projects shot in Brazil, the United States, Argentina, and Mexico. He co-directed and shot the documentary “Runners High” which tells the story of inner city teenagers who transform themselves both physically and mentally by training to run the Los Angeles Marathon. The film premiered in 2006 at the San Francisco International Film Festival and has gone on to play at festivals world-wide and has won numerous awards. Alex’s most recent project is “Paper or Plastic” (2008) and is a feature length documentary following contestants as they get ready for the 2007 National Grocery Bagging competition in Las Vegas.


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