A Snapshot of Camp

I love this photo – it captures one of those expressive little moments of the Sitka Fine Arts Camp we might otherwise have missed. 

She’s one of our middle school clowns, who performed on Wednesday 6/25, and doesn’t she just look thrilled to be clowning? 

It’s almost the end of the first week of our high school camp. We’ve got 170 campers from 21 Alaskan communities, 16 states, and 4 countries here. Last night, film composer Marco d’Ambrosio walked us through several of his recent projects. His presentation displayed his virtuosity as a composer, from neo-Romantic orchestral composition to 1970s-style TV game-show inspired soundtrack clips. We also watched a documentary he wrote the score for: a quirky film called Paper or Plastic? about the National Grocers’ Association’s Best Bagger championship.

Tonight, ballerina Kim Araki and her dance colleagues Tony Denaro and Scott Davis will present a piece, and carver/storyteller Robert Hoffmann will share his work and some poetry. We’ll also enjoy the talents of our sixteen counselors.


One response to “A Snapshot of Camp

  1. i used to live in sitka, i miss it there soo much!! well next year i might go to SFAC, ill be in high school. most of my friends have gone to SFAC they loved it!! they come back and have so many funny stories!

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