Pictures from Camp

We’ve been busy here at the Sitka Fine Arts Camp these last four weeks. In week 1 (June 9 – 13) we held our fourth annual Mini Camp, a day camp for elementary school students in grades 1 through 6. WT McRae, who taught acrobatics, clown, and intermediate/advanced improvisation during our middle school session, worked with the mini campers on theater exercises. Here he is with one of his students:

Students in our middle school session began camp on Sunday, June 15 and went home on Saturday, June 28. During this session, some students worked with Beverly Mann to create masks for her masked theater class. Here is a mask in its early stages:

At the conclusion of the mask-making process, students performed with their masks. Here is a shot of the middle school campers wearing their masks:

We also offered an array of visual arts classes to our students. Students in painting, drawing, photography, carving, and ceramics created work for a visual arts gallery extravaganza. Here is one of the paintings:


2 responses to “Pictures from Camp

  1. Really nice masks, i like them a lot. For more pictures of masks made in New Zealand visit our photoblog
    Cheers, Annette Rose.

  2. Thanks for the info.
    I will keep coming back for more.
    I hope you update often.



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