WT McRae & Skyler Sullivan

I just might be most excited to meet WT McRae because of his gloriously orange hair! WT is a friend and colleague of Skyler Sullivan’s. Skyler was planning to return this summer to teach acrobatics, clown, and beginning improv at the middle school camp, but opportunity knocked to be part of Sesame Street’s “new” Electric Company. Learn more about the Electric Company at http://www.sesameworkshop.org/tec/

So he introduced us to his friend WT, who will be teaching the same classes as well as a clown class for our elementary school Mini Camp. Learn more about WT in his bio below. 

WT McRae disappointed all of his teachers and professors when, at the end of his serious theatre training, he began to create a career centered on mime and clown. After growing up in Denver, CO and moving to NY in 1997, WT studied Acting, Scenic Design, Dance, and Pre-Med at Adelphi University. Since then he has made his living primarily touring with orchestras performing mime and clown-based shows in tri-state area schools. He spent 6 years teaching the arts in inner city schools, and funneled those two pursuits into the creation of his own clown-based theatre company, Fool’s Academy. Fool’s Academy is now a running theatre pursuit that blends education with clowning, bringing silly but educational performances to NYC schools.



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