Sitka’s New Auditorium

One of the most exciting projects that I have been involved with during the last several years has come to fruition. Sitka will have a new performance auditorium in spring 2008, in time for this summer’s camp. Here is an image of the outside of the auditorium:


The facility is beautiful. I have seen people’s mouths drop open when they enter the audience chamber. It is unlike anything anybody would ever expect in a small community like Sitka. It has a deep stage, an orchestra pit, wide wings, and a 50′ wide proscenium opening. The audience house has floor, balcony and box seating to accommodate about 650 people. The acoustics are superb and the site-lines are perfect.

In addition to the stage and audience chamber, the auditorium has extensive backstage amenities with dressing rooms, a green room, and a star room. There is a large foyer for the public to visit in that will also be big enough in which to display art. The auditorium will have state-of-the-art equipment, allowing a wide of events to be held in the space.

Finally, after 30 years, the Sitka Fine Arts Camp will have a professional theater for its shows. Performing in this space will be an incredible opportunity for our students. I am excited about the possibilities this artistic resource grants our camp, and I am excited for the families and friends who will be able to enjoy seeing and hearing their kids on stage in Sitka. audience-chamber.jpg -Roger


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