Going through Photos

All of a sudden it’s October. How does that happen? It seems like just yesterday it was August and we were all fresh from a superlative 2007 camp.

I’ve been going through a huge number of photos that Roger sent me of the 2007 camp, filing them and slotting them into the various reports we write as part of closing out the old camp and preparing the new camp. I ran across this one, which I wanted to share because it’s such a dynamic image:


This is from the theater ArtShare we presented at Centennial on July 8. Skyler Sullivan and Ed Littlefield are performing a mime skit called Evolution, which charted the progression of life from primitive sea creatures to destructive modern man in under four minutes (with a healthy dash of humor as well).

I wanted to share that memory with you all as we get ready to move forward to the next camp. I’m looking forward to some of our 2007 faculty posting a paragraph or two here in the next few weeks, and Roger will have an update on Sitka’s new auditorium. Stay tuned, and happy fall!



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